Dyfi Valley Permaculture Network

Using permaculture to design our way to a more sustainable and happier life.


What We Do

We organise a virtual seed and plant swap, in association with Planna Fwyd.

Seeds currently available here

Usually, we meet on the last Thursday of each month. But we aren’t in usual times.

Fancy joining our new monthly Zoom meets? Get your ticket below:

The permablitz is a hands on, member led work day on a garden, plot or smallholding. Due to Covid 19, these are suspended at the moment, but you can join Planna Fwyd’s Land Army here

What else?

We are currently talking with Powys CC, trying to effect a change in their policy. There are small pockets of land owned by the local authority that are unkempt, unloved and systematically sprayed and strimmed.

We are hoping to identify some that can be adopted by local groups, starting with one in Tre Garth, Machynellth – right on our doorstep

  • Accessible
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Radical
  • Educational

Eating the garden:

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