Wet and Cold

It’s wet and cold out there today. The sort of day that makes you want to crawl back into bed. Not the sort of day that has you wandering around your little front garden, actively looking for something to eat because you said that you would blog about it.

But I have. And I am.

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Hairy Bittercress

Despite the foul weather, there is more hairy bittercress than I can shake a stick at. This tiny little weed chucks its seed far and wide, and I shall leave some for the bees. It flowers early, and the bees need early flowers to get them going. Fortunately I grow enough other varieties that will help them through their own hungry gap, so I’m getting to grips with the bittercress.

It is from the mustard family, so I wondered whether it would work in a potato salad. I’m glad to say it does.

Bittercress Potato Salad (serves 4 hungry people)


800g small new potatoes

3 shallots or one red onion

1 tbs capers or pickled nasturtium seed (more about these in another post)

3 tbsp mayonnaise, or to taste

3 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

1 tbsp white wine vinegar/ kombucha vinegar (more about this in another post)


Boil the potatoes in salted water for 20 mins until just cooked, drain, then cool

Cut the potatoes into chunks, then throw into a bowl with the shallots/ onion and capers  if using

Add enough mayonnaise to bind

Mix together the olive oil and vinegar and add just enough to give a little sharpness to the salad

Stir in the finely chopped parsley and bittercress to serve.

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Permaculture teacher, designer, community networker, organic grower and vegan cook

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