A coastal stomp, ending with hot chocolate

The cold has given way to relentless driving rain. I spent the first couple of hours walking the dogs from Ynyslas to Borth and back – if you don’t know this stretch of Welsh coastline I suggest you book a holiday here pronto, it’s heaven. Saw a small flock of shags, heard curlews on the salt marsh and laughed as the collie chased some oystercatchers. Bracing.

Bay tree

There is no way I am spending much time in the garden today, so on the way back from my walk I grabbed a handful of bay leaves from the three year old saplings in the front garden. I dragged them out of the bargain basement bin at B&Q a couple of years ago, and they are serving me proud.

Bay leaves are my go to when I make polenta. However, whisking the cornmeal into a simmering  bay infused milk and water combo is an activity akin to dodging paintball. When those bubbles burst onto your skin, they hurt!

So, no polenta today. The only thing to do after a long beach walk is make hot chocolate. Here goes:

Bay Infused Hot Chocolate

1 mug of milk (soya, dairy or nut, they all work well)
50g cacao or dark chocolate, grated
1tbs cream (optional)
2 fresh bay leaves
Pinch salt



Put the grated cacao or chocolate in a heat-proof bowl.

Put the milk and bay leaves in a saucepan, with the bowl on top.

Bring the pan to a simmer, turn off the heat steep for about five minutes.

Remove the bay leaves form the milk, then stir the milk into the bowl containing the now melted chocolate/ cream combo.

Whisk lightly to combine,  add a tiny pinch of salt and serve.

Published by Dallaston

Permaculture teacher, designer, community networker, organic grower and vegan cook

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