Broad Beans, and what comes after?

I don’t really like broad beans. OK, I don’t really like the beans themselves, but I always grow the plants – they are so pretty with their purple flowers and quick growing habit. They fix nitrogen into the soil, so I always chop them off an inch above the soil when I do harvest them,Continue reading “Broad Beans, and what comes after?”

Basil Infographic

I’m developing some information charts for herbs in the wellness garden on the Glastonbury site. The plants currently being tended here in Wales, and in Bristol, all have gentle medicinal properties and have been used safely for generations. I’ve been playing with the infographic site Piktochart, and started with my all time favourite herb –Continue reading “Basil Infographic”

Brass Monkeys

5th January – absolutely brass monkeys out there this morning! As ever, no-one will wear a coat to school, despite it being -5C. Mad fools. In contrast, I am bundled up to the eyeballs in scarves, hats, gloves, coat, jumpers, wooly socks… I look like someone knitted the Michelin man… Time for a quick forayContinue reading “Brass Monkeys”